Dancing in the Rain // Midsommar

Last friday it was that lovely time of the year again. In all of the (almost) ten years I have been living in the beautiful country of Sweden, Midsummer is one of the most idyllic, romantic celebrations I have been a part of. Starting the morning, I used to only choose a dress for myself, but these days my happiness is beyond words when I even get to pick my girls white (which is tradition) dresses. Dressed and (slightly time stressed, because yes as romantic as everything sounds and looks, I’m still a mom) we go outside to pick the flowers for the wreaths which we make for the girls. Most of the Swedes celebrate Midsummer Eve on the country side, which is great for picking flowers too. We have the privilege of just stepping outside our front door to start picking. On this day you of course also eat together. A Midsummer menu features different kinds of pickled herring, salmon, boiled new potatoes with fresh dill, soured cream and chives. AND what is a dessert without one the first strawberries of summer, with cream or icecream! Later in the day we attend the traditional Midsummer dancing, somewhere close. The maypole is raised in an open spot and traditional ring-dances ensue, which is fun everytime (and I have to admit, kind of hilarious too, when you do some research of exactly why people dance around the maypole). There is only one thing that I wonder about. How it is that for the past years, I always find myself dancing in the rain, proceeding by trying to find shelter when it starts pouring like crazy? Wasn’t it called Mid Summer? Are we sure we are not doing some kind of rain dance? Well one way or the other, kids don’t mind. They would dance in that rain all night, if not their parents would call them back. 🙂 I did not capture this years disaster Midsummer ending haha, but in the end of this post you find those I captured a few years ago. Enjoy!

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