On the shores // Holland


Windy, rainy, sunny, it doesn’t matter, the shores of Holland are breathtaking. This is what I remember most of the last year that I spend in the country I come from, before I moved to Sweden. In those years I remember having a great longing to come out on the shores, take a deep breath and know that everything will be just fine. Life back then looked a lot different than it does today. Sweden has never been an obvious choice, quite the opposite, but as I walked the shores of Kijkduin last year in October, I felt an overwhelming gratefullness for where we are today. Not necessarily in place, but more as in the moment of life. I got so inspired by my children playing around in the sand and sea, with their rain boots on! Fearless pictures of them, stepping in the water without holding back, stepping in what’s ahead. So similar to what we did so many years ago! Without looking back, we stepped into a new adventure. And it brought us life, overflowing. It is not about Sweden, neither is it about Holland. It’s about not getting stuck, constantly moving at the sound of the voice inside. Being able to come out on the shores, let your tears be washed away, disappointment be taken away and be filled with joy again.







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