Every now and then.. Part 1

Every now then I pinch myself, to see if this life that I live is real. Some days I catch myself taking things and people for granted. But, pictures have a wonderful way of reminding me how blessed I am. Today I am showing you part one of a photo session I did in the autumn with my kids, nieces and nephews, who I have the privilege of living closing to. They are a daily reminder of the most rapid changing phases of life in which love is essential for healthy growth. The affirmation of family that knows you and has known since you came in to the world. And then again.. family anticipates the becoming of you! Family is excited to be a part of the new chapter of your life. The thing people tend to say most about our family, is how lovely it is to look at the interaction of the cousins. How the older take care of the younger ones. There is no secret ingrediens to this, except the embracing of each other by spending time with one another in the many seasons of life. I could write a book about this. But not today 🙂

Please enjoy. And know I would love to photograph your family as well!

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  1. Hanneke Eichler says: Reply

    Prachtig Anne! Je bent zo getalenteerd. Geniet het leven met je gaven! Dikke zoenxx

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