Every now and then.. part 2

Every now and then I wish I could get a glimpse in the future to see where these kids all turn up and with who. After this staring and wondering I open my eyes as if I look at them with new eyes. These kids are the grown-ups of tomorrow.. One of my favorite quotes goes like this: ” Today is the childhood our kids will remember. “

What an awesome opportunity to sow in to the lives of these beautiful lives TODAY as an aunt and mother. What a joy to capture them in their beauty and to be a part in their continueing journey! I am Grateful.

Enjoy this last part and hopefully I get to capture your family too!

The oldest and the youngest. And fun fact, they look very much alike.

This beauty is the youngest in the bunch. Isn’t she the cutest?

And then this.. the boys! They bring so much fun into our family, you wouldn’t believe.

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