Amanda & Robin // Engagement Session

This beautiful couple from Linköping got married last weekend! And I had the honour and privilege to be a part of this special day as their wedding photographer. We meet a few weeks before and as I always do, we sat around the table, got to know each other and talked about the ins and outs of their big day. They had written the whole day schedule with numbers and all out for me, so well organised. I love that, it makes my job so much easier! The moment they told me it would be a vintage theme type of wedding, I knew it was going to be good! They chattered about how they had been collecting all kinds of stuff for the party and it made me all the more curious. Having known each other for a lot of years, it really was time to get married. Amanda with her beautiful shiny British eyes, being the cooler one of the both of them, as they themselves described, and Robin being a real genuine happy guy! Just a few hours before sundown, in the beautiful landscape just outside of Jönköping we shot some engagement photo’s!

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