I can not remember a time in my life where I have not been fascinated by people. Identities, faces, personalities, destinies! I remember when I was little I would love to watch people from the restaurant my mom would take me every once in a while. Yes, I would say that I am a people person, hidden in a more to the background personality. That’s why I believe being a photographer suits me so well. Admiring the many beautiful persons I get to meet and capturing them from behind my lens. It is a true honour every time people ask me to freeze special moments in life that they will carry with them the rest of their lives, that maybe even the ones that come after them get to enjoy.

It is still strange to me this day, that I have become a photographer. Many creative dreams have come and gone and maybe are still hidden in my life, but photography came like a bolt from the blue! Pursuing my passion for graphic design, I attended a special education, but once I was there this deep love for capturing moments started growing stronger. Surrounded at home by my family living close by, kids growing up, enjoying fellowship in high and low seasons, I found myself being the family photographer. Soon, I had no ear nor eye for the lessons at school, because I kept going on the internet, looking for new ways to develop myself as a photographer. Through blogging the every day life, there kept coming in request for photoshoots. People wanted to have likewise photo’s of their families. It grew into weddings, couples, seniors and much more.

Today I can say with a smile on my face, that life did not go the way I thought it would. But I am sure happy it did! Combining being a stay-at-home mom of our 3 three beautiful kids with being a photographer keeps both of my feet on the ground while being able to pursuit the things which me make me feel alive. People, creativity, connection!

I always love to get in touch so don’t hesitate,

Anne Elisabeth