Raining, even hail pouring down from the sky these past days. And I am remembering last years trip to Rudenstams with the kids and the hubby. How I love, no ADORE spring. This season is by far my favorite. Nature comes alive again and blossom shows of it’s beauty all around. Blossom is the promise of more […]


You know that feeling when you pass by a breathtaking field of flowers and you just want to stop the car, jump out and take pictures? I do. Big time! This was once again one of those moments that I a little squeak of enthusiasm escaped my mouth and I begged my husband to stop […]

On the shores // Holland

Windy, rainy, sunny, it doesn’t matter, the shores of Holland are breathtaking. This is what I remember most of the last year that I spend in the country I come from, before I moved to Sweden. In those years I remember having a great longing to come out on the shores, take a deep breath […]